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Craft Breweries Consulting

Craft Breweries often cater for large volumes of patrons, which puts a lot of pressure on your bar and kitchen service during peak service periods. It is essential that both the kitchen and bar areas have been designed to cope with large numbers of patrons. Hotel and Cafe Design can assist with the design, equipment selection and advice to ensure that your venue operates efficiently and with success.

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The equipment selection for your craft brewery is vital to the success of the venue. It can impact your operation. Considerations such as how and where the beverages are dispensed, how the refrigerated display cabinets are configured and utilised, the provision for sufficient ice supply to the bar, keg storage, glass storage and dedicated glass washing stations. Hotel and Cafe Design offer a range of design options that will work within your budget and help ensure the efficiency and success of your craft brewery.

Kitchen Design

Whether it is a new craft brewery venture, upgrading an existing kitchen or taking over an established venue, a good kitchen layout and design is paramount. Your kitchen needs to be able to manage the demands of peak period service and expedite all the work efficiently.

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“George has provided invaluable support and expertise to me for over 14 years and I can highly recommend his commitment and dedication to any project, large or small”
Travers O Rafferty – Mandoon Estate


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