Restaurant Consulting

Equipment selection & kitchen design solutions

Restaurant Consulting

Owning and running a restaurant is a tough and demanding job and knowing which equipment to choose can make or impact your operation. Your kitchen’s cooking, and storage equipment need to be reliable and capable of managing the demands of a busy breakfast, lunch and dinner service.

We can provide expert advice on the equipment selection for your restaurant and provide layout and design services to ensure your kitchen space is utilised to increase efficiency.

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Front of house

The restaurant front of house can be used for so much more than collecting payment. Front counters can be designed to be functional with the ability to display food and beverage products for impulse sales therefore adding value to your bottom line.


Your food offering and service times will determine the food service equipment selection and placement.

Kitchen Design

Whether it is a new restaurant venture, upgrading an existing kitchen or taking over an established venue, a good kitchen layout and design is paramount. Your kitchen needs to be able to manage the demands of peak period service and expedite all the work efficiently.

Client Testimonial

“‘ I have known George personally and professionally for over 25 years and over this period. I have found George to be responsible, honest and courteous. He used his knowledge of hospitality operations and equipment is not only getting us fantastic kitchen and bar equipment but also within the budget. I highly recommend George.’”
Gurps Bagga – Sauma Northbridge
“‘ ‘ I have known George for well over 10 years, he has helped design, manage & oversee a number of Restaurant & Kitchen installations for me. From custom kitchen & bar setups to renovations & equipment sales, George is well recognized as an industry leader. I would not hesitate in recommending George for any Restaurant project.’”
Aaron Carr – Executive Chef/Owner of Yarri Restaurant Dunsborough


30 years industry experience

Benefit from our 30 years of industry experience and start planning your venue

Unbiased brand decisions

We don't just recommend one brand, we find the best equipment for your needs

Functional solutions for your venue

We can deliver a cost effective and functional solution for your venue

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