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Winery Consulting

Wine tasting will be the primary reason your clients visit your winery; therefore, it is important to make their tasting experience memorable. The tasting bar design is important, as this is the first area your clients will most likely congregate in. A tasting bar layout in which the staff can operate efficiently will be essential in providing a high standard of service, whilst helping to reduce the length of queues waiting for tastings.

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Selecting the appropriate wine chillers located within the tasting area is also critical for both the presentation and display of your product at the appropriate temperature for the wine to be stored. An efficient glass washing system is required both for glass washing and storage. Wine glasses can be an expensive commodity, therefore selecting a glass washing machine which is both energy efficient and provides a clean finished product will reduce breakages and the labour cost involved in polishing.

Kitchen Design

Whether it is a new winery venture, upgrading an existing kitchen or taking over an established venue, a good kitchen layout and design are paramount. Your kitchen needs to be able to manage the demands of peak period service and expedite all the work efficiently.

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“George has been my go to for all things kitchen and bar his unbiased opinion and knowledge is unparalleled”
Heath Townsend – Wise Eagle Bay


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